Economy service

This service powers your game's items, virtual currencies and shops.
Implement complex systems like player trading with ease.

Designer friendly webclient

Gamedesigners can use the webclient to easily create items, currencies and much more.

Blueprint support

Virtual currencies

You can easily create a virtual currency and reward your players with it.

1  // 1. Create a currency
2  economyService.createCurrency({
3    name: 'dollar',
4    short_name: 'USD',
5    symbol: '$',
6  });
8  // 2. Give to player
9  economyService.giveCurrency({
10   storage_id: 'alien_inventory',
11   currency_id: 'dollar',
12   amount: '1000',
13 })


Blueprint support

Our Unreal Engine 4 SDK does not just come with an integration for C++ it also comes with Blueprint support.

Blueprint support

Vendor lock free

You can host all services on your own metal. We don't have any closed source code. We run the same code that you run on.


We use Cockroachdb as our default database. This is a distributed database that allows for enormous scale and high availablilty.


The code of the services is available on GitHub. No more black box magic. Everything can be seen and modified.

Lot of features

We don't just provide technical tools, your entire team can easily make us of our services.


When should I use this service?

This service is specifically tailored towards people who are developing an online game. It deals with persistence so it can deal with the items and currencies the player owns, even after logging in and out. It is not meant to be used for session based games(games where the item only exist for the duration of a single match). If you are not sure if you should use this service for your game you can reach out over email or join the Discord server.

Why would I use this instead of creating my own system?

For the same reason you would use a game engine. It saves time, you can build from a solid foundation and most importantly you can focus on building your game.

Why should I choose your system instead of the others on the Unity/Unreal store?

Most of the plugins you see on the Unity or Unreal store that deal with inventories/economies don't deal with the persistence part. This is almost always something you will have to implement yourself. This service is setup in a generic way that allows it to be used in conjuction with those plugins.

How do I use it in my game?

This service comes with SDKs/Plugins for various programming languages and game engines, this allows for easy integration. The service itself can be hosted on any type of server. We recommend running it in a Kubernetes cluster, for more details check out the documentation.

I am not sure if this is a fit for the game I am building, what should I do?

We have a Discord channel where you can ask questions, we will gladly help you. This service is setup in a very generic way to support as many games as possible, if your game's usecases don't really match with this service you can always dive into the source code and change however you want to.

Ready to get started?

Use our managed service or the self hosted economy service to get started.


The service

This is the economy service, run this to expose a GRPC API.


The webclient

This is the webclient. You can easily create items, virtual currencies and shops in here.